Berhanu Ashagrie is a multidisciplinary artist and an assistant professor at the Alle School of Fine Arts and Design, Addis Ababa University, where he also held the position of Director for nearly four years from 2012 to 2016. His passion lies in engaged pedagogy and collaborative knowledge production, a commitment that has led to the organization, facilitation, and hosting of numerous local, continental, and international initiatives spanning education, art, and research. An active participant in various international art festivals, exhibitions, and conferences, Berhanu's artistic journey centers on themes of dispossession, explored through extensive research and process-oriented practices, often taking place beyond the confines of a traditional studio environment. Currently, Berhanu is deeply engrossed in an ongoing artistic research endeavor delving into the concept and practices of mourning, viewing it as a multifaceted aesthetic, pedagogical, and political language. Berhanu is a Ph.D. In-practice candidate at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts.